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Starch is the most common reserve material in plants. The structures of starch granules are built up of two relatively different polysaccharide components. The one, amylose, is of the linear chain type, and the other, amylopectin is of the branched chain variety. Amylose and amylopectin differ much in properties and so, the physicochemical behaviour pattern of each particular kind of starch is due to its specific amylose - amylopectin ratio.
Starch is one of the most multifunctional raw materials used in the food industry. The use of native starch is relatively low and limited to gel formation and thickening purposes. In the food industry and pharmacy starch is used to give the products appropriate texture, appearance, moisture, cossistency and shelf-life.






Native potato starch FOOD GRADE

Commercial form:


Pure white powder



  • Moisture - not more than 20%
  • pH - 5,5-7,5
  • Ash content dry weight basis - not more than 0,35 %
  • Sulphur dioxide content - not more than 10 mg/kg



Food thickener

Reccomended application:


Food industry, paper industry, textile infustry, pharmaceutical industry



25 kg 3-layer white paper bags with imprint



Should be held in clean, dry strore-rooms



5 years



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