BEST on the market for 20 years !


Since 1995 we have been engaged in the production of potato starch.

Every year, nearly 200 contractors plants for us over 600 hectares of potatoes.

In over 20 years we have processed 250 thousand tons of potatoes from which we have produced

50 thousand tons of starch.


Many years of experience makes our starch distinguished by the highest quality to attract the interest of many customers.

Our product has been distributed to 5 continents to over 20 different countries.

Our starch has been willingly added in many Polish products, by well known manufacturers, such as:

Gellwe, Foodcare, Sokołów, Drosed, Dobrowolscy, Łmeat, Drimpol, Sedar, Vobro, Solidarność, St-Majewski.

On the shelves of Polish shops and manufacturing plants thank to the companies such as:

Melvit, Kupiec, Janex, Kraw-Pak, Standard, Suszpol, Kol-Pol, Mad-Pol.


By cooperating with BEST you choose professionalism and top drawer products.

We invite you to cooperation


BEST guarantees highest quality !




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